"Our aim is to deliver life-changing medical practices focused on excellence and natural beauty. Every patient's journey to beauty, wellness, and health is at the heart of Beirut Beauty Clinic's mission." BBC Team


“Beirut Beauty Clinic” is a superior medical facility that offers outstanding plastic surgery expertise and aesthetic clinical care, using modern cutting-edge cosmetic surgery techniques and equipment while maintaining highest international medical standards and guidelines.

Our first-class clinic introduces a new era of modern clinical cosmetic procedures performed in a private and secure medical facility with a warm and serene atmosphere.

Dr. Roger ElKhoury’s vision of creating a luxurious yet inviting medical environment has come to life, with every square meter designed with the patient experience in focus.

We’d like to welcome you on a life-long journey of health, wellness and beauty!

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A word from our founder


"Through world-class cosmetic surgery and techniques, I strive to create life-changing, natural-looking, and longlasting results. As a plastic surgeon, I have dedicated my career to making aesthetic surgery and procedures remarkable and safe.

Beirut Beauty Clinic represents the vision I have regarding the relationship between my patients, plastic surgery and myself. We are proud to have offered thousands of patients the possibilities that cosmetic surgery can bring into your life."

– Dr. Roger ElKhoury

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