Full face beautification

Full Face Beautification, also called a “Non-Surgical Facelift", is the process of rejuvenating the entire face with minimally-invasive treatments, including Botox, Mesotherapy (skin enhancing) &dermal fillers to achieve youthfulness of the face, as well as enhancing your facial definition & natural beauty.

Through Full Face Beautification, you get a complete beauty treatment for your face: thin lips can be plumped, shallow contours enhanced, fine lines smoothed, facial definition refined, scars softened, and facial wrinkles relaxed. In other words, you recover your young-looking appearance immediately without surgery.

As one of the most sought-after facial cosmetic procedures in the world, “Beirut Beauty Clinic” doctors can offer life-changing results to patients through the Full Face Beautification procedure.

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Why Full Face Beautification?

Rejuvenate your facial splendor & improve your self-confidence

Boost your natural beauty and enhance your facial features

Results are immediate, relatively painless, & require no downtime

Restore youthfulness with a minimally-invasive procedure

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Must Know

Beirut Beauty Clinic has Successfully Performed Over 20,000 Injectable Sessions

Fillers used: Teosyal (Switzerland) & Twac

Botox Used: Dysport (UK)

Procedure duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Recovery Period: Immediate

Typical Minimum Age: 18

Alternative(s): Surgical Facelift

Quick Facts

It is the most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure worldwide

Ideal alternative to a surgical Facelift for those not willing to undergo a surgery

The procedure is deemed Worthwhile by 96% of patients (Realself)

Fast, relatively painless, and safe in the hands of an Experienced Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

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