Botox & Fillers

Some of the most popular procedures today are non-invasive and do not require surgery. Injectables can be an excellent interim step if you are not ready for surgery yet and seeking quick improvement. For convenience, immediate results, and relatively low costs with no "downtime", this is the most valued cosmetic procedure globally.

Botox injections (Botulinum Toxin) and dermal fillers soften wrinkles and folds, plump the lips and cheeks, define the jawline and temporarily restore a smoother improved, and rejuvenated skin. Both are usually used together to achieve a full face rejuvenation, which is an alternative to a surgical facelift. Some people even choose to get a non-surgical nose job, over Rhinoplasty, using injectable fillers.

The application of injectables is a true medical art that requires detailed facial analysis to create an aesthetic specifically for each unique patient. It is seen as “the ‘True Art’ of sculpting beautiful features using injectables”. Our veteran doctors at “Beirut Beauty Clinic” can also remove undesired or badly-administered permanent fillers by other inexperienced practitioners.

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Why Injectables?

Immediate results, relatively painless & require no downtime

Bring out your natural beauty by enhancing your facial features

Improve your confidence & look younger

Cheaper alternative to surgical options such as Facelift

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Must Know

Beirut Beauty Clinic has successfully Performed Over 20,000 Injectables Sessions

Fillers used: Teosyal (Switzerland) & Twac
Botox used: Dysport (United Kingdom)

Procedure duration: 30 minutes

Typical minimum age: 18

Complements With: Full face beautification

Alternative(s): Surgical Facelift

Quick Facts

The most valued non-invasive cosmetic procedure globally.

The procedure is deemed worthwhile by 94% of patients (Realself).

Swift, relatively painless, & safe when performed by an experienced surgeon.

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