Weight Loss Program

The Weight Loss Program is a treatment plan for a full year with the objective of helping you achieve your ideal weight and body shape. With the program you commit for a full year with a treatment plan tailored according to your case, to ensure you reach your target at the end of the program.

What you get? First, you will go through the latest most advanced weight loss procedure (Bariatric), which is a non-surgical gastric balloon that takes only 20 minutes to complete, without having to stay a minute more at the hospital!

For the whole year you will have a Nutritionist & Physical Therapist accompany you on your journey to your desired goals set at the start of the program.

At the end of the program you get to benefit from a huge voucher that you can use at our clinic, on weight loss relatedplastic surgeries.

You also get to enjoy many more rewards and benefits. See more below or Book your consultation by clicking here!

Why Weight Loss Program?

Non surgical Bariatric balloon is included

300$ voucher on weight loss related plastic surgeries

Year-long enhanced health and wellness with a nutritionist & physical therapist

Private patient care representative to accompany you along your journey

Program price is lower than if you purchase the services separately

Get 10% off on any other procedure available at Beirut Beauty Clinic within your program year 

Timeline & Elements

Step 1: Complete the gastric procedure and see the results of weight loss show in the following 4 weeks.

Step 2: Meet with your nutritionist and commit to 1 session per month for the next year.

Step 3: Meet with your PT and commit to 8 sessions per month for the next year.

Step 4: Use your voucher with one of our plastic surgeons to enhance or refine your body contour, and get rid of any excess saggy skin caused by amazing weightloss.

Step 5: Enjoy the new you with your ideal weight and body shape!

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Treatments Involved

Dr Antoine Younan - Consultation & Procedure: The Dr. studies your case, to ensure safety & quality during your weight loss program. Then a 20 minute non surgical procedure is done at the hospital, and then you can go home and quick start your weight loss journey.

Ms. Julie Daou - Consultation & Plan: You will meet with your nutritionist to plan your diet & lifestyle ahead.

Ms. Stephanie Janeh - Meet & Workout Plan: You will meet with your PT to kickstart your workout regime.

Dr. Roger Elkhoury - Consultation & Procedure: Meet with the Dr. to review your body shape and features, and use your included voucher to refine your body contour & remove any excess skin or stubborn fat deposits.

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Doctors Involved

Our top doctors & partners will be looking after you during the whole year of your program. Our medical team will also manage your journey to ensure you have a lovely experience achieving your ideal weight and body shape with Beirut Beauty Clinic.

DR. ANTOINE YOUNAN - Bariatric Surgeon

DR. ROGER ELKHOURY - Plastic Surgeon

Ms. JULIE DAOU - Nutritionist

Ms. STEPHANIE JANEH - Physical Therapist

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