Eyelid surgery

More than any other facial feature, the eyes have a tremendous impact on your appearance. Unfortunately, the appearance and attractiveness of our eyes deteriorate substantially as we age, and they are often the first part of the face to show signs of aging due to the thinness of the skin.

Rejuvenate tired, puffy eyes with “Blepharoplasty” - more commonly known as Eyelid Lift or Eyelift Surgery, a cosmetic procedure that aims to correct deformities or abnormalities of the eyelids. By removing excess eyelid skin and reducing puffiness under the eyes, the eyelids will be firmer and tighter, which can improve the appearance of the eye area.

Beirut Beauty Clinic doctors regularly perform upper and lower eyelid surgery forenhancement of appearance.

Why Eyelid Surgery?

Reverse aging effects on the skin around the eyes

Restore youthfulness of the eyes area

Enhance visual field & improve quality of life

Must Know

Beirut Beauty Clinic has Successfully Performed Over 1000 Eyelifts

Procedure Details: outpatient - local anesthesia with sedation

Procedure duration: 1 to 2 Hours

Typical minimum age: 35

Complements With: Full Face Beautification (non surgical) or Facelift (surgical)

Quick Fact

The procedure is deemed worthwhile by 94% of patients (Realself)

Eyelift is the 2nd most popular plastic surgery worldwide